The Butterfly

Electric Yacht

The Butterfly is a solar-proa yacht, an asymmetric double-hull vessel. The proa type of a sailboat has its origins in the South Pacific and it was primarily used by Austronesian people for fishing and carrying cargo across vast distances of water. 

With the idea of sailing the whole day without charging we implemented a very low water resistance and incorporated a large solar roof on our proa. As a result, The Butterfly can run in solar-mode for 14 hours (Central-European summer conditions) with a speed of 5 knots. Neither direct nor indirect emissions are attached to The Butterfly. 

Test drive
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Minimal to no maintenance was one of our key goals. Even the fuses can’t burn. The battery lasts 15+ years. The solar-roof makes that possible, due to preventing deep discharges over the years.

“No emissions” also means silence. The Butterfly sails on sun and let you enjoy the nature in silence.





battery - solar powered
multi-platform design
12 passengers
range up to 24 h @ 5 kn
10 kn max speed 
11.8 m long
21 m deck

Low maintenance

The few rotating parts result in less wear and tear and therefore lower maintenance requirements

Low costs

With electrical energy, you can propel your vessel much cheaper than with fossil fuels. If you expand your system with a photovoltaics unit, the calculation shifts even further in your favor.

No emissions

If you drive solely on electricity, you emit neither CO2 nor pollutants locally. You are safe from driving bans. Your drive is also quiet and does not spill oil.


E-motors make tangible change in the environment through reduced noise pollution that has had disruptive effects on marine life that heavily depends on underwaters sounds for basic life functions.  


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